Santiago Barberi Gonzalez, son of precious skin handbag designer Nancy Gonzalez, and president of the company launches his own men's line under his name.

"I had always designed pieces for my personal use, such as duffels and wallets, card holders, computer cases, i-Pad holders and attache cases.

One day Marigay McKee, Fashion and Beauty Director of Harrods, came up to me and asked me if she could buy the duffle I was carrying for her new men's department.

When I showed her all the things I was carrying inside the duffle she decided, in her high-spirited way, to launch a full men's precious skin accessories line.

This line is very personal to me as these pieces are the actual pieces I use in my everyday life.

The spirit of the line is dynamic, refined, utilitarian and comfortably luxurious.

I trust people will enjoy them as much as I have throughout the years."